Sao Paulo to Florianopolis


  • From: Sao Paulo
  • To destination: Florianopolis

  • Bus Information

  • Duration Bus Ride: 12 hours
  • Minimum Price: R$99

  • Duration this suggested route: 6 days

  • Highlights

  • Activities: Boat trips, Diving, Fishing, Hiking, Sandboarding, Snorkeling, Surfing
  • Nature : 42 beaches, Atlantic Rain Forrest, Dunes
  • Food & Drinks: Bar do Arante


This route starts at the Tietê Bus Terminal in Sao Paulo. There are about 10 buses per day and it will take around 12 hours to get there. We suggest you take a nightbus to Florianopolis. This route is operated by 2 bus companies called Catarinense and 1001  and will cost between R$ 99 and R$ 187 depending on the type of bus you take. In Florianopolis you will arrive at Rita Maria bus terminal.

Check your tickets @ Bus Bud here:,SaoPaulo,Brazil/Florianopolis,SantaCatarina,Brazil


Florianopolis is a great vacation destination thanks to its unique combination of incredible beaches, great weather, amazing nightlife and friendly inhabitants, all in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty. The city of Florianopolis has a few interesting things to offer but we recommend you focus on the beautifull Ilha de Santa Catarina. On the whole Island you will find hotels, hostels and pousada’s. We would advice you to stay somewhere central like Lagoa da Conceição. Check out Tucano House hostel! From here you can easily explore the rest of the Island. There are 42 different beaches on the island, some very busy and some deserted. We would recommend you visit  Praia Mole and Praia da Joaquina.  At praia da Joaquina you should also try some sandboarding on the natural sand dunes that are there. A great way to have some fun in the sand. Do you like hiking? there are many walking/hiking trails around the Island but we picked out one. A beautifull hiking trail from Lagoinha do Leste to Pantano do Sul. A hike of between 2 and 3 hours along the shoreline in the south of the Island. Great nature and half way have a dip in the ocean on a deserted beach. When arriving in Pantano do Sul make sure you visit Bar do Arante, one of the best restaurants on the Island. They are specialized in seafood but other things are available too. This restaurant is full of notes previous guests have left there on the walls and ceilings. Don’t miss it!!!


Day 1
Travel by bus from Rio de Janeiro to Florianopolis.
Day 2
Have a great day at 1 of the 42 beaches.
Day 3
Go sandboarding on the sand dunes at Joaquina beach.
Day 4
Go hiking on 1 of the many hiking trails.
Day 5
Spend a day on or under the water: go diving, fishing, snorkelling or just  make a boatride.
Day 6
Have a great day at 1 of the 42 beaches.


Florianopolis ( Ilha de Santa Catarina )

kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Praia da Joaquina: -27.629323, -48.447862
Bar do Arante: -27.780236, -48.507788
Praia Mole: -27.555156, -48.431168
Catedral Metropolitana: -27.597684, -48.550139
Bus Terminal ( Rodoviário ) Rita Maria: -27.596990, -48.558562
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