Paraty to Rio de Janeiro


  • From: Paraty
  • To destination: Rio de Janeiro

  • Bus Information

  • Duration Bus Ride: 4 hours
  • Minimum Price: R$55

  • Duration this suggested route: 7 days

  • Highlights

  • Activities: Beaches, Boat trips, Climbing, Hang Gliding, Hiking, Surfing
  • Nature : Beaches, Botanical Garden, Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Tijuca National Park
  • Architecture: Arcos de Lapa ( Lapa Arch ), Cristo Redentor, Escaderia Selaron ( Art Stairs ), Maracana Stadium, Museu de Arte Contemporânea Niteroi, Theatro Municipal


From the bus station in Paraty it will take about 4  hours to get to Rio de Janeiro and will cost you R$55. This route is operated by COSTA VERDE bus company and there are about 12 buses leaving for Rio de Janeiro every day. In Rio de Janeiro you will arrive at NOVO RIO bus station.


In the city of Rio de Janeiro there are about a million things to do and it is hard to name them all. We picked out a dozen highlights and activities we think you should do when you are there.

On your first day you have to visit Christo Redentor. Even if your not a religious person this is well worth the trip. The statue is huge and impressive but the view over the city is even more impressive! After that you should visit Copacabana or Ipanema beach and have a chilled out day playing games, have a swim and watch people.

Visit the LAPA and Santa Teresa area, Santa Teresa is a bohemian area where a lot of artists live. Here you can have a nice local bite to eat and if you are searching for some souvenirs there are some artists who have a shop there. Lapa is an upcoming area with the Arcos de Lapa and Escaderia Selaron ( Art Stairs ) to visit. If you are in town on friday night you should go to Lapa aswell. On that night there is an outdoor party with food and nice Caipirinha’s right in front of the Arcos de Lapa.

If you want something different we suggest you take the ferry to Niteroi and visit the Museu de Arte Contemporânea Niteroi. It looks like a spaceship straight from Star Wars. See Rio de Janeiro with an other persective!


Day 1
Travel by bus from Paraty to Rio de Janeiro in about 3.5 hours.
Day 2
Visit Christo Redentor and go to Copacabana or Ipanema beach.
Day 3
Go to Lapa and Santa Teresa area, visit Arcos de Lapa and check out the Escaderia Selaron ( Art Stairs ) .
Day 4
Take the ferry to Niteroi and visit Museu de Arte Contemporânea Niteroi.
Day 5
Get out of the city and have a nice walk/hike through Tijuca National Park.
Day 6
Visit Sugarloaf Mountain.
Day 7
Go to a football/soccer match at Maracana stadium.


Rio de Janeiro

kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Rodoviaria Novo Rio: -22.898484, -43.209420
Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië: -22.917686, -43.188120
Arca de Lapa: -22.914066, -43.179001
Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Niteroi): -22.908278, -43.125629
Copacabana Beach: -22.968889, -43.180833
Ipanema Beach: -22.988106, -43.196869
Botanical Garden: -22.964173, -43.225546
Tijuca National Park: -22.963333, -43.266389
Maracana Stadium: -22.912468, -43.226756
Sugar Loaf Mountain: -22.951359, -43.159103
Theatro Municipal: -22.909222, -43.176492
Christ the Redeemer: -22.951474, -43.210842
Rio de Janeiro International Airport: -22.811281, -43.248624
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